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To help with that process, I'll go over 4 tips that should go a long way towards keeping your device malware-free. This first tip is actually very simpleā€”don't install apps from websites or app stores that you're not entirely familiar with. I know a lot of people like to get pirated apps by Googling "AppName.

Software For The Galaxy S3 + Free Fast Download

Your best bet here is to stick to trusted app stores like Google Play. For more information on this topic, as well as additional trusted sources for installing apps, see our Android Basics tutorial on the subject. If you've ever come across a download page like the one pictured below, you're surely familiar with the advertising gimmick of putting a fake "Download" button where you'd think it should be.

If you're going to be using file-sharing sites of this type, I'd suggest either downloading an ad-blocking browser , or simply learning which buttons are fake and which are real. These same principles should be applied everywhere, actually, so make sure you're always sure about what you're clicking. If the spyware on your device got there in the first place after you had a jealous boyfriend or girlfriend snooping around behind your back, it would be a good idea to secure your phone or tablet's lock screen. For more information on this topic, see Tip 1 in our Android security guide.

Finally, one of the most important anti-malware steps you can take is to make sure your device's firmware is up to date. Google and your device manufacturer will generally release updates that contain additional security measures once or twice a year, so applying these updates is crucial to security. Start by heading to your phone or tablet's main Settings menu, then scroll down towards the bottom and select either About phone , About tablet , or About device. From here, tap "System updates," then the following screen will prompt you to update your firmware if a newer version is available.

What sort of malware issues have you run into on your Android device? How were you able to get rid of the issue? Ok I understand your writing , but how to cope with a smartphone that has been infected with this deadly virus? I had a virus infected android " Timeservice " and " MonkeyTest " I 've tried to reset but still can not be erased , it can help me?